Fusion Leadership is a journey, made more challenging by the distractions and temptations that arise with money and power. The ultimate destination—a place where the collective ego exists above or at least equal to your selfish ego—is difficult to attain, and I was not always successful. But the rewards we realize by taking steps toward serving the collective ego are undeniable. The high-functioning team at Integra Telecom transformed the telecommunications services industry and enhanced our communities, which generated deep and genuine on-the-job fulfillment and enormous personal success. There’s nothing more professionally rewarding. It’s the ultimate prize.

When leaders help the members of their organizations satisfy a universal desire to find real meaning in their jobs, we are able to tap into one of the strongest forces on the planet: the power of a committed workforce with a common passion. This is about finding meaning in our lives by creating workplace satisfaction, thereby increasing productivity to better meet the challenges in our world while building genuine, collaborative relationships. Fusion leadership for good.