About the Fusion Leadership Authors

The Fusion Leadership Movement did not begin with the Fusion Leadership authors, but their shared recognition of its importance and potential led to the collaboration between Dudley Slater, Steven Taylor, the eight other nationally recognized contributing leaders, and now a growing number of others who have joined the Fusion Leadership Journey.

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Dudley Slater

Dudley Slater learned firsthand how to inspire and lead people. As the co-founder and fifteen-year CEO of Integra Telecom, he grew the company from nine to over two thousand employees, transitioning it from a start-up to national prominence as one of the ten largest fiber-based telecommunications companies in the United States. Under Slater’s leadership, Integra raised over $1.3 billion in capital and constructed one of the most advanced metropolitan fiber networks in its region, helping to earn him the distinction of being named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the Northwest in 2011 by Ernst & Young.

Attributing his company’s success to its people, Slater is fascinated by the behavioral traits of leaders who successfully create companies that defy national norms. Slater partnered with other leaders of iconic, nationally recognized organizations, to refine the knowledge and techniques that make up the practical, everyday tenets of the Fusion Leadership Movement. Beyond his experience as an entrepreneur and author, Slater has served as president of three nationally recognized companies, an independent director on the boards of numerous private and public companies, and was appointed by the governor in his home state to serve on Oregon’s Innovation Council. He earned a bachelor of science in geophysics from UCLA and a master in business administration from the Harvard Business School. Slater has two beautiful, grown children (Toryn and Kathrina) and lives with his wife of 29 years, Laurie, in Portland, Oregon and New York, New York.

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor is an award-winning journalist and writer who’s had more than 750 articles, editorials, essays, and other works published by more than 60 organizations and publications, including The Nation, The Washington Post, Public Citizen, The New York Times best-selling history book Chronicle of the 20th Century, and CBS News.

He is a recipient of the Washington Press Foundation Award and several journalism grants from various organizations, including The Center for Public Integrity, Voice of the Environment, and The National Forest Accountability Alliance. Steve writes monthly articles for a national legal publication called Of Counsel. A professor at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, he teaches nonfiction writing and public presentation.


Steve has two children he’s very proud of (college-aged Perry and teenager Julia) and lives with his wife of twenty-two years and best friend, Cindy, in Portland, Oregon.

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