Fusion Leaders cherish our freedom and honor those who make our freedom possible.

Freedom allowed Darrell Cavens and his team to re-invent the on-line retail shopping experience, powered by Zulily.

Freedom allowed Colleen Abdoulah and her team to re-think the customer approach that delighted so many and catapulted WOW! to the top of JD Powers ranking of best-in-class service providers among the national cable TV operators.

Freedom allowed Ray Davis and his team to fundamentally transform the traditional approach to community banking, placing Umpqua on the national map in the financial services sector.

Fusion Leaders fixate on the behaviors that “fuse” their teams together around a shared mission or purpose. Imagine the sense of hopelessness we would feel, if we were not provided the luxury of committing out careers to a team of people with whom we share a common purpose. We have choices in our lives, our faith, our relationships and our careers.

That is a gift!

As we approach this Fourth of July I feel a profound sense of gratitude for the gift of freedom we enjoy in the USA. I also want to thank General Robert Van Antwerp (Fellow Traveler) and all our current and past service members who make our freedom possible.