Jamie Masters, who created one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes (Eventual Millionaire), interviews Dudley Slater on the topic of how entrepreneurs inspire others to fulfill the entrepreneur’s vision.

A few of the things you’ll learn from Dudley’s interview:

  • How to fuse together teams to build an amazing organization
  • What are the behaviors that drive people away
  • What are the steps to make sure you get employee buy-in
  • How does a leader orchestrate everything without being pulled in every direction

[access the interview]

About Jamie Masters:

Business coach, author, and professional speaker Jaime Masters has hosted one-on-one interviews with over 350 millionaires and billionaires.

She made her exit from the corporate world after finding herself $70,000 in debt and realizing that she hated her job. With an ambitious goal and a strategic plan, she was out of the debt and the job she hated in just 16 months. Now, Jaime helps others find the freedom, money, and work they love.

“I like to help people put money back in its place. Where people control money and money doesn’t control people.”