Congratulations, you just received that major promotion, or raised the venture capital, or perhaps secured those coveted franchise rights, or reached another milestone on your leadershp journey. Now it’s time to re-think your job description and focus on the most important key to your success: inspiring the following of those you need in order to make your Vision/ Mission a reality!

My Vision was to make Integra Telecom’s customer service experience the best in our industry, out-punching the heavyweights like Verizon and AT&T. Unlike the giants, who centralized their monolithic call centers and provisioning groups, often in other parts of the world from their customers, we focused on locality. We sought to create a customer experience unlike anything the market had experienced before- based on a human-to-human relationship.

That was just the vision, though. Getting it to become a reality was a whole other story; you cannot simply force a vision to manifest, flexing your title and power while assuming everyone will fall in line. Inspiring the following of others becomes even more difficult if … (access the article)