“Change from a culture of ‘paycheck’ to a culture of ‘purpose’,” admonishes Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of The Gallup Organization in his introduction to Gallup’s annual State of The American Workplace Report, released prior to the pandemic.

Once again (for over 20 years now) Gallup is reporting that 2/3rds of America’s workers are not engaged. That’s tragic! Imagine the social progress being delayed by this horrible fact. Imagine the life-saving drugs that are not being developed. Imagine the new sources of clean energy that are being delayed. Imagine how much better our world would be, if we (collectively) focused our energies on reversing this trend.

So what is “a culture of purpose?” And, how does that differ from “a culture of paycheck?”

How about curing heart disease (the #1 killer of Americans) or inventing one of our merciful COVID vaccines- those would seem to provide a motivating purpose. Yet, Gallup reports that the amount of disengagement varies little from industry to industry. Our American peers in the pharmaceuticals industry seem to be just as disengaged as the rest of us… [access the full article]