In the past there have been many great thinkers in the area of personal growth at work, but until ProHabits there was no efficient method of delivery. Sure there were occasional seminars and books, but no way to integrate micro-actions at a company-wide level.

ProFusion is the first of its kind for ProHabits: a product of our partnership with an established thought leader in the personal growth at work movement. Bringing together the best in technological delivery and the best in leadership thought.

What is Fusion Leadership?

Fusion leadership at its core is about addressing the tension between the leader’s self and the collective enterprise. Too much altruism is unrealistic – too much selfishness and you demotivate those you are supposed to lead. Fusion Leadership then is about finding the synthesis needed to lead – by aligning personal interest with group needs. Or, to use Dudley’s apt terminology: attending to the collective ego at the same level as the selfish ego.

For Dudley, this means that when you are a leader you cannot think only of yourself if you want to be effective. You have to consider the collective enterprise that you, as a leader, are responsible for. To become a leader, a real leader, you must learn to prioritize the collective ego.

Fusion Leadership and ProHabits

Being a fusion leader isn’t something that is accomplished in a day, but something that requires small daily actions to make big changes, and tackle major challenges. Fusion leadership requires a daily commitment to growth for you and your team to build beyond any one individual.

This commitment to growth and positive mindset is why ProFusion is perfect for the ProHabits platform of daily actionable activities.

Consider ProHabits and make culture actionable at your organization!