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Interview Entrepreneur, CEO and Fusion Leader Dudley R. Slater: HOW TO CREATE A MOTIVATED WORKFORCE

According to reports, 70 percent of the nation’s workforce hate their jobs. Imagine, if you will, that those percentages were flipped – instead of the 70:30 ratio of dissatisfied workers, nearly three-quarters of American workers were satisfied and able to feed the churning, burning hunger we all have to find meaning in our work. If most of us felt real job satisfaction, we’d change the world. CEO and author Dudley R. Slater is on a mission to do just that.

When Slater co-founded Integra Telecom, Inc. in 1996 he never thought his little start-up would turn into one of the largest facilities-based providers of communication and networking services in the United States. A fifteen-year CEO of the company, Slater redefined leadership approach in the real-world context, and grew a company of nine to over two thousand employees. Slater attributes the company’s success to his employees, and he began to research leaders whose companies defied national norms and surveys. His research led to the creation of the concepts in his new book, Fusion Leadership – Unleashing a Movement of Monday Morning Enthusiasts [Available September 12, 2017, Greenleaf Book Group Press].

“Learning firsthand how to inspire and lead people, I know the challenges leaders can face,” Slater says. “I want to challenge leaders, at all levels, to think about how their behaviors directly impact the people in their charge.”

Available immediately for an informative and compelling interview leading up to and around the release of Fusion Leadership, Slater can discuss:

  • The most common reasons for employee dis-engagement
  • Fusion Leadership: what it is and tips for leaders to implement this in their company
  • Challenges he faced on his journey toward Fusion Leadership
  • Techniques leaders can use to diminish the Monday morning slump
  • How to put aside ego to effectively lead a team
  • Lessons he learned from his collaboration with eight nationally recognized CEOs
  • And much more!

About the Author:

As the co-founder and CEO of Integra Telecom, Slater grew the company from nine to over two thousand employees, transitioning it from a start-up to national prominence as one of the ten largest fiber-based telecommunications companies in the United States. Under Slater’s leadership, Integra raised over $1.3 billion in capital and constructed one of the most advanced metropolitan fiber networks in its region, helping to earn him the distinction of being named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the Northwest in 2011 by Ernst & Young.

Attributing his company’s success to its people, Slater is fascinated by the behavioral traits of leaders who successfully create companies that defy national norms. Slater partnered with other leaders of iconic, nationally recognized organizations, to refine the knowledge and techniques that make up the practical, everyday tenets of the Fusion Leadership Movement.

Beyond his experience as an entrepreneur and author, Slater has served as president of three nationally recognized companies, an independent director on the boards of numerous private and public companies, and was appointed by the governor in his home state to serve on Oregon’s Innovation Council. He earned a bachelor of science in geophysics from UCLA and a master in business administration from the Harvard Business School. Slater has two beautiful, grown children (Toryn and Kathrina) and lives with his wife of 29 years, Laurie, in Portland, Oregon and New York, New York.

Find out more at www.fusionleadership.org and connect with Slater on: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Fusion Leadership – Unleashing a Movement of Monday Morning Enthusiasts is available for pre-order now on Amazon.