What if you could transform your company’s culture and make your employees as good as they possibly could be?

Consider the Fusion Leadership Journey

Seventy percent of America’s workforce hates their job – finding little value in what they do for a living, according to several recent surveys. This staggering statistic is not only an unfortunate reality for each individual suffering through their day, but a critical threat to the nation’s economy and prosperity.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can unleash the movement of Monday Morning Enthusiasts by taking charge of your management methods with Fusion Leadership. By consistently valuing their teams’ needs at the same level as their own, a “Fusion Leader” fosters an engaged and effective team—one equipped to rise to virtually any challenge and deliver exponential results. When leaders balance the collective ego with their selfish ego, their organizations not only make greater progress, but they help fulfill the universal human desire to find meaning in work.  Watch this video to learn more.

In only a few minutes and with your answers to a handful of questions you will receive an indication as to your and your team’s state of fusion.

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The Book

Fusion Leadership: Unleashing a Movement of Monday Morning Enthusiasts imparts a leadership philosophy that will inspire a powerful sense of purpose in any team, and deliver transformational growth for any organization. By exploring how you can respond to everyday leadership challenges and sharing his experiences – along with those of other successful leaders – Dudley R. Slater explains how to expand organizational potential and ignite the passion and dedication that can only come from a team of Monday Morning Enthusiasts.

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The authors of Fusion Leadership are pleased to note that 20% of all profits from book sales and other activity relating to the advancement of the movement will be donated to the Harvard Business School in support of our next generation of fusion leaders.

About Dudley

Dudley R. Slater is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author who led one of the largest telecom providers in America to unimaginable success, all the while learning tools and techniques to combat the scourge of a disengaged workforce. Through his personal journey in executive leadership, he has come to see, understand, and embrace a philosophy that can deliver unsurpassed value to any organization: Fusion Leadership.

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Fusion Blog

Where Leaders Go to Grow.  Get the latest news from Dudley and fellow Fusion Leadership travelers.

Great Results Begin With R-E-S-P-E-C-T

When I first became a CEO (of Integra Telecom) I was terrified. As cofounder and newly minted chief executive officer, I was clearly in charge of the company, but I was intimidated by the workers—all nine of them. These frontline employees were hard-working, smart...

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Fusion Leadership & Servant Leadership: Who Serves Whom?

Fusion Leadership is not philanthropic. It’s about creating world-class results for your organization through fusing teams together around a shared cause or purpose, thereby helping others find meaning in their jobs. Many leaders have embraced servant leadership, a...

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To Own Or Not To Own- The Crisis?

Fusing teams together requires leaders to challenge themselves with the question whether to own or not to own the crisis? Communicating with transparency, driving credibility, and nurturing trust defuse a crisis most effectively and help build the fusion process. The...

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All That Power – Change The World

Consider the Top-Down leadership model. The CEOs who embrace and practice within this power model are highly dynamic figures, seemingly bigger than life. When they walk into the room, they remove the oxygen–all the attention is focused on them. And they love it. They...

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Fusion Leadership for Good

Fusion Leadership is a journey, made more challenging by the distractions and temptations that arise with money and power. The ultimate destination—a place where the collective ego exists above or at least equal to your selfish ego—is difficult to attain, and I was...

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Learning to Shut Up & Listen

One challenge inherent in fusing a team together around a shared Mission (Fusion Leadership) surfaces when one of your team members processes information and generates ideas more slowly than you do, walks when you want to run, ruminates and digests when you want to...

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You're Never Alone on the Road to Fusion Leadership

Fuel your drive to become a better leader by staying connected with the movement.


You’re Never Alone on the Road to Fusion Leadership

Fuel your drive to become a better leader by staying connected with the movement.