Millennials [as the largest generation in today’s workforce] are powerful, and they are hungry! You’re organization and your career as a leader (or prospective leader) literally depends on your ability to satisfy this hunger.

So what’s the cause of the insatiable millennial tummy rumble? According to Whitney Dailey, director of marketing and research at Cone Communications, millennials “see where they work as an extension of who they are,” citing a recent millennial-engagement survey by Cone Communications. This need to self-identify with their employer explains the millennials’ hunger: to connect to their organization’s purpose or cause.

This powerful millennial-driven trend demands that effective leaders in 2018 answer the question “what leadership behaviors attract people to your organization’s purpose and how are those behaviors different from those that drive people away from your organization?” Answering this question will allow leaders to put meals on the table and begin to satisfy that millennial hunger to connect to their organization.

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